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Mayor Richard J. Berry Recognizes This Week’s Employee of the Week

Employees of the Week: Art Montoya, Department of Finance and Administration

November 4, 2011


Art Montoya is an ITSD Network Manager in the Department of Finance and Administration. Montoya is this week’s Employee of the Week and a recipient of the Mayor’s Efficiency, Stewardship, and Accountability award.

Montoya saved the city more than $344,000 per year by eliminating unused cell phones. Several months ago he was given the task to manage a City Telecom inventory project to reconcile and reduce the city’s use of cell phones. In order to accomplish this he needed to perform a comprehensive cellular phone inventory for each City Department. Through his work with the various City Departments a needs justification was also identified and documented for each City cell-phone. This effort allowed the City of Albuquerque to identify and remove over 200 unnecessary and zero usage phone accounts.

Montoya then researched improvements the City could make by adjusting the current phone plans. Montoya discovered a plan that was more financially advantageous to the City of Albuquerque.

Today, Mayor Richard Berry awarded Montoya’s department with $1,000 for being an excellent steward by helping the City of Albuquerque to become more efficient.


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