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Mayor Richard J. Berry Recognizes This Week’s Employee of the Week

Employee of the Week: Marvin Pohl, Taylor Ranch Community Center

November 9, 2012

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Marvin Pohl is a Supervisor at the Taylor Ranch Community Center and he is this week’s Employee of the Week.   

Mr. Pohl is credited for going above and beyond his required duties when he gave up two days off of work every weekend in the month of October to put on an elaborate haunted house show at the Taylor Ranch Community Center. He has been doing so for the last several years.

The Taylor Ranch Community center did not have the budget to pay the employees for their involvement in a haunted house every weekend. However, Mr. Pohl inspired individuals to donate their time and energy to create a memorable haunted house experience for the children in the community. And not only was it a mysterious treat for the children, it also serves as a positive outlet for youth during a mischievous holiday.

Not only did Mr. Pohl and his team perform in the haunted house every weekend, but it had to be set up and taken down every weekend as well. This tremendous amount of work shows true dedication to the community and our local youth.

The haunted house at the Taylor Ranch Community Center was executed with a level of professionalism and creativity and would not have been possible without Mr. Pohl’s dedication. He sacrificed his personal time to create a memorable experience for children and their families in the City of Albuquerque.


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