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Matt Bailon, Week of June 13, 2011

Matt Bailon, a Housing Compliance Officer from the Family and Community Services Department, is this week’s Employee of the Week.

Earlier this year, Matt received a call regarding an elderly tenant who lives off of Constitution and had not been seen for some time. The tenant is known to have meals delivered and had a caretaker come by several times a week.

Without hesitation, Bailon called and advised APD that he was on his way to the tenants residence to conduct a welfare check. Upon arrival Bailon found there was no answer at the door He also noticed the tenant had an old style lock on his door. Bailon contacted maintenance to bring the correct key. Again, Bailon contacted officers and notified them that there was no answer at the door or by the residence’s home phone.

When an officer arrived on scene, he knocked on the door and heard a moaning sound from inside the apartment. The officer entered the apartment and found the tenant on floor and it appeared he had been in that position for quite some time. The tenant was found breathing but he was not responsive.

Bailon quickly provided information to the medical personnel as they arrived. The tenant was taken by Albuquerque Ambulance to the hospital.

“It is my understanding that this is not the first time Matt has taken action on behalf of a client,” Mayor Berry said. “This is just further proof that his commitment to his job goes far beyond his standard duties and he takes a personal interest in the well being of his tenants.”

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