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Leroy Gonzales, Week of January 4, 2010

Leroy Gonzales works in the Solid Waste Department and drives the recycle collection trucks under the title Clean City Operator.

Leroy Gonzales showed exemplary customer service when he got his hands dirty, literally, for a customer. In December, Gonzales was on his normal route which included picking up recyclable materials at the KRQE Channel 13 studios. After collecting the newspapers from KRQE and continuing on his route, Gonzales was notified that a KRQE employee had accidentally thrown her purse into the recycle bins that had just been dumped into the truck. Once Gonzales got to the IPF, also known as the recycle plant, he dumped his entire load from his truck and with his two hands went through everything he collected to find the purse. Gonzales then drove back to the KRQE studios and delivered the purse to a very grateful customer. 




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