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Kim Selving, Week of May 17, 2010

Kim Selving is an office assistant in the Open Space Division of the Parks and Recreation Department.

Although Kim Selving’s job title says she is an office assistant, she far exceeds normal expectations. In 2009, she applied for and received a PNM Energy Efficiency grant that allowed the Open Space Visitor Center to install Solatubes in two offices and the employee kitchen. Solatubes bring natural light into a room, similar to skylights, allowing the facility to keep the lights off during the day in dark rooms. The grant also allowed the office to replace a 10 year old, energy-eating refrigerator and replace it with an Energy Star rated model. Selving has just completed and submitted a 2010 PNM Energy Efficiency grant which will pay for a solar air heater in the support offices and motion detector lights in the public bathrooms. These additions will further save on facility energy use and our carbon footprint.

In addition to securing funds to transition the Open Space Visitor Center toward more sustainable energy use, Selving also, single-handedly, coordinated the Open Space Visitor Center's 2nd Annual Recycled Art Fair. The fair featured 20 local "upcycle" artists, workshops, and demonstrations that encouraged people to think creatively about trash and promoted the message to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

It’s important to point out she accomplished these projects while maintaining her daily duties. The City of Albuquerque values employees who exceed normal job expectations and look for ways to save or better use taxpayer dollars.

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