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Kathy Hunt, Week of January 10, 2011

Kathy Hunt is an employee in the Cultural Services Department and works at the Juan Tabo Public Library.

On November 9, Kathy Hunt, a librarian at the Juan Tabo Public Library received a call from a customer twenty minutes before the library was to close. This specific evening the library was going to close at 8 p.m.
The customer was looking for a specific book for her fourteen year old grandson. He was working on a school project and needed the book to finish his project.
Librarian Hunt took the call and located the book and checked it out for the customer, who said she was going to leave her home immediately and head to the library. However, the customer was unable to arrive at the library before closing.
After the library was closed Librarian Hunt waited for the customer outside in her car with the book. Once she arrived. Hunt provided the book to the customer so her grandson could finish his school work.
“Ms. Hunt’s actions reflect that little extra effort that can make such a big difference in providing great customer service to our library users. She didn’t have to stay late, but the fact that she was willing to do so speaks volumes of her commitment to meeting the needs of everyone who utilizes the Juan Tabo library,” said Mayor Berry.

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