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Jeff Sheyka, Week of October 18, 2010

Jeff Sheyka works in the Urban Biology Division of the Environmental Health Department.

This week’s employee of the week is Jeff Sheyka of the Environmental Health Urban Biology Division. Mr. Sheyka’s expertise is in infectious diseases that are transmitted from fleas, ticks and rodents.

On September 3, 2010, Sheyka was notified by the Department of Health that an Albuquerque resident was found to be infected with a potentially life-threatening disease. Even though Sheyka’s regular work day was already over, he immediately began work on the case. Sheyka called the patient, who was unaware of the diagnosis. He also began looking into the possible source of the infection.

Due to Sheyka’s notification, the patient admitted himself into the hospital where he was treated. Sheyka cancelled his trip that he had already planned for the Labor Day weekend and remained in town to be with the patient’s family. He helped to answer questions about the disease, including possible causes and outcomes. Sheyka’s efforts gave great comfort to the patient’s family. The patient has since made a full recovery.

It is clear that Mr. Sheyka played a critical role in helping the patient to receive potentially life saving medical attention. His assessment of the situation and quick response proved to be key in the man’s recovery.

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