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Gary Blea, Week of August 8, 2011

Gary Blea, an employee in the Department of Senior Affairs works with the Home Services Team as a Construction Worker III.

The Home Services Team for the Department of Senior Affairs provides many services to Albuquerque’s seniors from yard work to building wheelchair ramps.

Gary Blea and his team were at the elderly woman’s home to see what work needed to be done to her backyard. In the process of checking out the backyard Gary realized that the woman had fallen inside her home and could not get up on her own. Immediately, the team entered the house to help the woman. After helping her up and into a chair, Gary sent members of his team to get her water and retrieve a First Aid Kit from their truck. While they were doing so Gary tended to a laceration on her arm.

Gary suggested that she go to urgent care to get further treatment. The workers at the urgent care facility were impressed by the care that Gary provided. The woman’s laceration has since healed without a scar.

Below is a letter that the elderly client wrote to the City:

Department of Senior Affairs,

My apologies to you for the great delay in writing this letter – this much overdue. I want you to know about Gary Blea and his team: they jumped to help me the day that I fell in my house and seriously lacerated my right arm. When I fell, Gary and his crew were in my backyard checking out what needed to be done (I am close to 89 with severe rheumatoid arthritis and if I fall, I cannot get up by myself).

Gary and the crew came in, saw me, and got me up and sat me on a chair. He sent one man out to their vehicle for the First Aid Kit. One man got me a glass of water while Gary took care of my arm. It was suggested that I go to an Urgent Care Facility – which I did. The people at the Urgent Care were impressed by the level of care I had received from Gary.

I am so grateful to Gary and his crew were here and helped me. I believe they should be commended by your department – they went above and beyond their duty.

A grateful citizen
P.S. My arm has finally healed up – no scar.
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