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Ed Boles, Week of January 18, 2010

Ed Boles is the City of Albuquerque’s Historic Neighborhood Planner.

The River of Lights at the Albuquerque BioPark during the holiday season is always a crowd favorite and true source of pride for the City.

Just days before the River of Lights was scheduled to open, Ed Boles noticed the El Vado Motel across the street from the BioPark was unsightly and did not create a warm welcoming experience for the thousands expected to show up in coming days.

The ownership of the El Vado Motel at the time was in legal litigation with the City.  But the City had the right-of-access and was responsible for the condition of this historic motel. Ed wanted to make sure the appearance of the property looked presentable and clean, but was told the Planning Department did not have the funds to hire someone.

Ed’s pride for the City forced him to grab his lawnmower from home and mow the grass around the property. He also cleaned up the trash and called in the Safe City Strike Force to board up some areas where he noticed transients had been entering through.

The City of Albuquerque thanks Ed Boles for not allowing the scope of his job description to get in the way of his pride for the City of Albuquerque.

Ed Boles is the City of Albuquerque's Historic Neighborhood Planner.


From left to right; Debbie Stover, Planning Director; Mayor Berry; Ed Boles, Employee of the Week.
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