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Carlos Singleton & Noe Chaves, Week of September 20, 2010

Carlos Singelton and Noe Chaves are both drivers for the Solid Waste Management Department.

Noe Chaves & Carlos Singleton, both city employees with the Albuquerque Solid Waste Department, consistently go above and beyond the call of duty. They are being recognized for their continuous commitment to excellent customer service. Both Chavez and Singleton work daily collecting trash and keeping the city clean.

One Monday, when Chaves was going through his normal route, one of the families in the neighborhood noticed him making his way down the street. As Chaves was collecting their neighbor’s trash, he noticed that his truck did not capture all the trash. He stopped his truck and put it into park, and manually collected it by sweeping it up and off the street.

Later as he pulled up to another home, owned by Municipal Development Department Director Michael Riordan, his family was waiting outside by the curb. Mr. Riordan’s children really enjoy seeing the truck collect the trash. Chaves noticed them waiting patiently outside and he stopped his truck, greeted the children and gave them each a lollipop.

“They were truly excited,” said Mr. Riordan. “My kids have talked about the great man with lollipops every day this week”.

On a separate occasion, Singleton was making his normal rounds and collecting trash as he does each and every week. One of his customers, Susan Smith, noticed the extra time and effort he put into his job. Singleton’s customers know him for always being on time, never leaving a mess behind him, and always going above and beyond his day to day job duties.

“He never drops the cans so they tip over,” said Ms. Smith. “Mr. Singleton always stops the truck and picks up the mess. I really appreciate him not leaving our street littered with trash. He should be training all new drivers in Solid Waste.”

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