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Brenda Molina, Week of August 29, 2011

Brenda Molina is a Sunport Communication Center Supervisor in the Aviation Department. Brenda is this week’s Employee of the Week.

The Albuquerque Police Department responded to a call of a missing 14 year old girl in early August. Detectives discovered it was possible the girl had flown out of the Albuquerque International Sunport the day before to meet a man in Connecticut.

The young female had met the adult male on the internet. The male had made statements that he wanted to take the female out of the country to Israel. During the investigation, it became known to detectives that the young girl had left the house with her passport. This raised further concerns that the girl had flown to meet the man with intentions of leaving the country.

Albuquerque Police then called the Aviation Police Dispatch center and Ms. Molina is the one who answered the officer’s call. The officer was only able to give Ms. Molina a name, date of birth, and a vague time frame of when the flight may have taken place. Using this information alone Molina was able to track down not only the exact flight the female was on but also found the name and address of the male who had purchased the plane tickets.

Due to the in-depth research and the willingness to go above and beyond what her job calls for, Molina was able to lead investigators right to where the girl was and they were able to bring her back home safely. Without Ms. Molina's help the family may have never seen their daughter again.

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