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Brenda Meyers, Week of May 16, 2011

Brenda Meyers works in the Animal Welfare Department.

The City of Albuquerque prides itself on a strong, dedicated, and caring workforce and Brenda Meyers, who works in the Animal Welfare Department, is a testament to that.

In early March, an Albuquerque resident wrote an email to the Office of the Mayor to commend Meyers. The resident stated she knew her dogs may be out of compliance with Albuquerque’s animal ordinances and went to the shelter to take care of the problems. When she arrived, she saw that the shelter didn’t open for another hour, but fortunately for her, Meyers spotted her in the parking lot. Meyers asked what the resident needed and proceeded to help the woman even though she wasn’t on the clock yet.

It’s this kind of customer service for which this Administration is so proud. Mayor Richard Berry frequently acknowledges how compassionate the City’s workforce is, particularly at the Animal Welfare Department.

But perhaps the sentiment can best be described by the resident herself. She wrote the following about Meyers.

“Never in all the large cities that I have lived, has a city employee given me curbside service. Ms. Meyers was friendly, fast, and went above and beyond. She hadn’t even started her day and she was there to help a city resident with a smile. Thanks to her service, I was in compliance before the shelter opened for business and I was on my way back to work. I have to say, for something that started off so poorly, Ms. Meyers made an unpleasant situation better.”

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