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APD Eastside Narcotics Team, Week of March 14, 2011

Mayor Richard J. Berry honored the entire Eastside Narcotics Team of the Albuquerque Police Department. Due to the undercover work this team does, individual names cannot be used.

In an effort to reduce heroin use in the public school system, late last year the Albuquerque Police Department Eastside Narcotics Team conducted an undercover operation to target individuals selling heroin to students at Eldorado, La Cueva, and Sandia High Schools.

During the investigation, they not only identified two individuals who were targeting young high school students by selling them heroin but undercover officers were also able to purchase heroin from the suspects which led them to the warrants and arrests of suspects Adam Vallejos and Eddie Centeno.

Vallejos and Centeno were stopped on three different occasions and each time had several ounces of heroin wrapped in different packages and in various sizes and colors indicating the weight and price value. Each time, both had a significant amount of cash as well. During the interviews conducted by the detectives, both subjects admitted to selling some of their product to students attending the three different high schools.

With recent overdoses of young high school students, the detectives took the case very seriously. They worked hard to prepare a solid case which led to the arrest of the two suspects.

“There has been recent focus on the problem of drug use among kids in our community and unfortunately some of these cases have ended tragically. Because of the efforts of these detectives, two drug dealers who prey on kids have been taken off the street. The impact this will have on safety in our schools and the well being of our students is immeasurable,” said Mayor Berry.

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