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APD Bike Units Teams 4 & 6, Week of October 11, 2010

Bike Units 4 and 6 are part of the Albuquerque Police Department.

Albuquerque Police Department Bike Units of Northeast Area Command, Teams 4 & 6: (Bike Officers) George Wood, Tanya La Force, Whitney Burton, Brock Knipprath, (Patrol Officer) Michael Benavidez

This week’s employees of the week are Bike Units 4 and 6 from the Albuquerque Police Department.

Members of APD bike units 4 and 6 went above the call of duty by volunteering to clean a property for which no one wanted to claim responsibility.

The lot was brought to the attention of the teams by Officer Michael Benavidez and Bernadette Chavez, from the Crime Prevention Unit. It is located behind Montgomery and Carlisle and was in a state of shambles and in desperate need of attention.

The lot was filled with trash, old furniture, broken television sets, burnt mattresses and other fire damaged items. It was covered with overgrown trees and dead brush. “That made it an even easier area for people to hang out, party and commit crimes,” said Ms. Chavez.

There was much confusion in attempting to identify the true owner of the lot. Ultimately Officers George Wood and Tanya La Force stepped up to coordinate the rehabilitation of the property. Members of the two bike units went out to the property and cut down trees and dead brush and painted over graffiti in the area. Community service workers assisted and hauled the trash and furniture away.

“When we think about the typical job of a police officer, cleaning out an abandoned lot isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. These officers invested their time and labor into the project and in doing so, made our community a nicer place to live. For this I am truly grateful,” said Mayor Berry.

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