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6 Employees from the Albuquerque Bio-Park, Week of July 26, 2010

Ray Johnson, Andy Cumbie, Harrison Weil, William Frish, Steve Herrera, and Rebecca Houtman work at the Albuquerque Bio-Park which is an enterprise of the Department of Cultural Services.

A fire broke out near Tingley Beach on July 7. The nearly one-acre fire was located just west of the intersection of Alcalde and Tingley Beach Drive which is dangerously close to the Rio Grande Zoo.
Quick thinking and teamwork on the part of BioPark and other city employees worked to resolve the situation quickly and keep our employees, first responders, zoo animals, and citizens safe.

Ray Johnson, one of the BioPark construction supervisors, was in the area of the fire. He saw the fire and called 911. He was told AFD was on its way. At about the same time, Andy Cumbie arrived with a water truck. He and Johnson took immediate action and were joined by Harrison Weil, William Frish and SteveHerrera. The water truck was very effective and the employees utilized it to keep the fire at bay and away from zoo animals. The employees also used Bobcats to cover the fire in an attempt to deprive the fire of oxygen.

Tingley Beach curator Rebecca Houtman participated by being in contact with APD during the event and working to evacuate Tingley Beach.

All of these Cultural Services employees showed leadership skills, assisted AFD, and helped to keep Tingley Beach visitors and zoo animals safe.

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