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21 APD Officers who Responded to Emcore Shooting, Week of July 19, 2010

Mayor Richard J. Berry recognized 21 Albuquerque Police Officers Monday who were the first to arrive at the recent tragedy at Emcore.

During the shooting, fifteen of the officers split into two groups and went into the building knowing someone was randomly shooting innocent victims. Four of them rushed to the injured, provided them cover, put them in squad cars and carried them to ambulances. One officer, Lt. Ruben Griego, initially assumed command and made several key decisions that undoubtedly saved dozens of people.

The Mayor recognized the officers as Friday’s Heroes during a briefing at the Foothills Area Command. Each week Mayor Berry recognizes at least one public safety employee who goes above the call of duty.

It was just one week ago when the officers were sitting in a similar briefing not knowing that two hours later they would be sent to Emcore on a call that someone was randomly shooting people inside.

“The community recognizes courage and bravery when we see it. The community recognizes professionalism when we see it,” Mayor Berry told the officers. “From a grateful community, I say thank you. You are heroes to us all.”


Last week Robert Reza walked up to an outdoor break area at Emcore and started shooting. He then shot out a window, climbed inside and started shooting employees in the buildings. Investigators believe that Reza took his own life when he saw Albuquerque police officers coming into the building. The officers were on scene within a couple of minutes after the first 911 calls came in. Reza killed two people and injured four others.

“The actions of the men and women in this room undoubtedly saved dozens of innocent lives that day,” Mayor Berry told the officers during the briefing. “Had it not been for your quick response, your bravery and compassion this tragedy could have been much worse.”

Those recognized include:
Lt. Scott Lopez
J.T. Stone
Amy Marmom
Joseph Tran
Frank Tillman
Johnny Yara
Geoff Stone
John Scott
Sgt. Mike Woolley
Sgt. Dave Hubbard
Mike Hill
Zack Stephenson
Armando Limon
Jodi Gontherman
Mark Krueger
Rob Miller
Eric Martinez
Wayne McCumber
Art Acosta
David Hinson
Lt. Ruben Griego

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