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Albuquerque Firework Restrictions Announced

AFD is encouraging the Metro Area Residents to attend Albuquerque public firework displays instead of purchasing fireworks. The Freedom 4th and Isotopes Park displays are two examples of high quality, enjoyable and safe events. If residents must by fireworks, buy local to be assured what you buy is legal and safe.

Every season is fire season, all through the year we have different threats and fire potential. As the temperature increases and the precipitation being so low; the threat is extremely high for disastrous fires. In 2015, during the 4th of July holiday, AFD responded to over 995 illegal fireworks calls. Any one of these incidents could have turned into a deadly fire just because someone was acting carelessly.

“No fireworks of any kind are allowed to be discharged in or around the Bosque or Open Space areas.” Albuquerque Fire Chief James Breen said. “Firefighters need the public to assist them in keeping Albuquerque safe from unintended structure and wildland fires by using fireworks in a safe and appropriate manner this holiday season and year round.”

The City of Albuquerque Ordinance prohibits the sale and use of all Aerial Fireworks and Ground Audible Devices within the city limits.

Aerial Devices

  • Aerial Spinners
  • Helicopters
  • Mines
  • Missile-type Rockets
  • Roman Candles
  • Shells
  • Stick Type Rockets

Ground Audible Devices

  • Chasers (bottle rockets)
  • Firecrackers

Once ignited, aerial and ground audible devices take an unpredictable flight path and pose a significant fire hazard to structures and vegetation. They also possess a significant injury potential to the user and innocent bystanders. These devices are also disturbing to public peace.

Permissible Fireworks which are allowed to be sold and discharged within the City

  • Ground and hand held sparkling devices
  • Cone Fountains
  • Crackling Devices
  • Cylindrical Fountains
  • Flitter Sparklers
  • Ground Spinners
  • Illuminating Torches
  • Wheels

Illegal Fireworks

  • Using illegal fireworks is punishable with a citation and immediate confiscation of the illegal fireworks and places the community at risk for fires.
  • It is a misdemeanor
  • A mandatory court appearance
  • A fine up to $500.00 and 90 days in jail
  • The improper use of permissible fireworks and/or the illegal use of aerial or ground audible devices can result in the user or supervising adult being found grossly negligent and financially responsible for damages.

The Safe Use of Fireworks

  • Fireworks should not be used on "Red Flag Warning" days, as these days indicate extreme risk for fires. To keep current, go to
  • What and where to buy - Always buy fireworks from a local vendor to ensure what you purchase is safe and legal for use within the city limits.
  • Fireworks should only be used on paved or barren areas - Away from homes, vegetation and combustible materials.
  • Have a water source - Available to put out any unintended fires such as a charged garden hose or two 5 gallon buckets.
  • Supervision - Always have an adult present and never allow children to use fireworks to avoid injuries and improper use.
  • Follow directions - Always read and follow directions carefully.
  • Disposal - Dispose of used fireworks in a bucket of water. Make sure they are completely cool to the touch before throwing them in the garbage can.
  • Emergencies - If there is a fire, leave the area immediately and call 911.

Do not attempt to make your own fireworks. Homemade can lead to dangerous and unpredictable explosions and result in severe injuries.

Fireworks Risks

If you do not handle fireworks properly, you risk serious injuries and damages.

  • In the U.S. in 2008, body parts most often injured were hands, eyes, and the head, face, and ear. (2,300 injuries), eyes (1,500 injuries), and the head, face, and ear (1,400 injuries).
  • Fireworks can be associated with blindness, third degree burns, and permanent scarring.
  • Fireworks can also cause life-threatening residential, motor vehicle, and wildland fires which can result in the user or supervising adult being found grossly negligent and financially responsible for damages.

For more information, go to the City of Albuquerque Fire Department website