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Information Technology and Software

Albuquerque's vibrant information technology and software industry is one of the biggest clusters in the metro area.

This segment includes computers, software, telecommunications products and service, the Internet and online services.

Major Technology Players

Some of the bigger players are QinetiQ North America, IT service provider ABBA Technologies, IP communications company INX and Commercial Data Systems, an IT integrator.

Most of the city’s IT firms are small and highly entrepreneurial. And a number of big operations, such as Intel, Honeywell, Raytheon, and Northrop Grumman have sizable populations of IT workers within their local plants.

Albuquerque’s IT strengths include: cluster supercomputers, informatics, data mining, graphics animation and visualization, geospatial information, environmental software, educational technologies, multi-media, Internet technologies, cyber-security and encryption and networking technologies.

What IT Companies Say

Greg Miller, co-founder and COO of SAMBA : “You can recruit great talent here. When you’re coming from California or Boston, these prices look extremely affordable. And there’s a lot of entrepreneurial people here.”

IT Assets

The Center for Advanced Research Computing at the University of New Mexico supports parallel supercomputing, large-scale informatics, and advanced visualization.Sandia National Laboratories, home to the supercomputer Red Storm, is known for cutting-edge R&D in high-performance computing and algorithms.

Workforce Training

The Academy of Advanced Technology is a four-year high school program  intended to create career pathways to Central New Mexico Community College (CNM), UNM and jobs in IT.

CNM’s IT Department offers associate degrees and certificates in computer information systems with concentrations in Computer Programming, Database Technology, Digital Media, Network Administration, Software Systems and Applications, Systems Administration, Web Technology.

UNM’s School of Engineering offers bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees in computer science and computer engineering.


New Mexico Technology Council