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Key Industries

Albuquerque is a city bursting with potential. In 2019, Business Facilities ranked Albuquerque ninth in Metro Economic Growth Potential in their "2019 Metro Rankings Report".

Attracting companies with high sales volumes and economic-base employment generation are important to Albuquerque’s future economic growth. The City of Albuquerque Economic Development Department and its partners work to recruit business and industries to Albuquerque that build on existing strengths. Albuquerque provides a healthy economic environment that includes, but is not limited to, a skilled workforce, a low cost of doing business, commitment to maintaining and building quality infrastructure, and targeted incentives.​ Albuquerque's recruitment efforts are focused on the following industries:

Space Technology
Directed Energy
Smart Community Technologies
Film + Digital Media and Video Game Development

Other priorities include:
Reshoring and Foreign Direct Investment
Remote Work

About Economic Base Jobs

Economic base jobs refer to employers that provide lots of jobs and bring income into the economy from outside.  Typically these are employers who invest in the community beyond the jobs they create. They support local businesses, community programs, charities and invest in education.