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KiMo Theatre

Experience live performances, movies, art and more at this favorite Albuquerque landmark.

In the heart of Downtown Albuquerque stands a magestic and historic landmark unlike any other -- the KiMo Theatre.

About the KiMo

A Pueblo Deco picture palace, the KiMo opened Sept. 19, 1927. It was commissioned by the innovative Oresete Bachechi, who had envisioned a Southwestern style theater for Albuquerque.

Every detail of the theater contains historical significance, making it one the region's most valued cultural gems.

The KiMo offers a variety of entertainment including film, theater, and musical performances.

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KiMo Celebrates its 90th

This year, the KiMo celebrates the 90th anniversary of its opening.

In addition to a wonderful season of free music performances and film screenings, the celebration also features a contest.

Tell us, what are your Most Memorable Moments from the history of the KiMo?

Share your memories from the KiMo.

Logo of the KiMo's 90th Anniversary.

Upcoming Events

View more upcoming events at the KiMo Theatre.

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