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Special Event Permitting FAQ

Special Event Permitting Frequently Asked Questions

I am planning a picnic or other event in a park, what permit will I need?

Depending on certain special conditions, such as fun jumps, tents or amplified sound you may be required to obtain a park use agreement. More InformationNob Hill Summerfest

What do I need to do if I want to have a neighborhood block party?

For any neighborhood events that will block any sidewalks or streets, a block party permit is required. More Information

Can I sell/serve alcohol at my event?

Establishments with pre-existing licenses are the only entity that has the ability to sell or serve alcohol. A Special Dispenser or Public Celebration Permit will need to be acquired. More Information

I plan on having a tent or fencing at my event, what do I need to do?

All events open to the public with tents or fencing must obtain an Outdoor Assembly Permit from the Fire Marshal’s Office. The Outdoor Assembly Permit needs to be accompanied by a detailed, professionally drawn site plan.

What if I need to close of streets, sidewalks or parking spaces for my event?

In order to close any right-of-way, whether that be a street, sidewalk or parking space, a barricade permit must be acquired.

There are three steps to closing off a street, sidewalk or parking area:

  • Contact a barricade company and work with them to create a traffic control plan (TCP).
  • Acquire insurance listing the city as additionally insured
  • Obtain a barricade permit from construction services.

As part of any road closure that will need traffic direction/ control you may be required to hire the Albuquerque Police Department to assist. 

Heights SummerFestWhat if I have a live band, music or amplified sound at my event?

For any type of amplified sound, a Noise Permit is required. This can be obtained through the Environmental Health Department.

Can we have a bonfire or fireworks at my event?

Any activities that involve open flame or fireworks must be approved through the Fire Marshal’s Office. Additional permits will be required. More Information

Will I need proof of insurance for my event?

You will need event insurance that names the City of Albuquerque as additionally insured. More Information

What do I need to do for a 5K or other type of run?

Depending on the size and location of your run, you may need a Special Event Permit.

I want to invite the mayor, how can I do that?

Submit an Event Invitation for the Mayor.

What does it cost to get permit(s) for my event?

The Special Event Permit is a free permit, but various permits being acquired have fees associated with them.

I didn't see the answer to my question here. Where can I get more information about hosting an event in Albuquerque?

Please contact the special events office at (505) 768-3580 or [email protected].