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Appeal Process

Learn how to file your appeal according to the Police Oversight City Ordinance.

Appeals must be submitted to the CPOA Office within 30 days of receiving your Findings Letter from the POB. 

** If you disagree with the POB Findings Letter you received regarding your complaint and would like to file an appeal, please read the following instructions carefully to assure your appeal is complete prior to submitting it to the CPOA Office. 

How to File an Appeal with the Police Oversight Board (POB)

The POB may grant a Request for Reconsideration only upon the complainant offering proof that:

  1. The APD policy or APD policies that were considered by the POB were the wrong policies or they were used in the wrong way; or,
  2. The APD policy or APD policies considered by the POB were chosen randomly or they do not address the issues in your complaint; or,
  3. The findings of the POB had no explanation that would lead to the conclusion made by the POB; or,
  4. The findings by the POB were not supported by evidence that was available to the POB at the time of the investigation.


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