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Development Plans & Policies in Albuquerque

Plans that Regulate Development in Albuquerque.

List of Ranked Plans and Other Plans & Studies


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Rank 1 Comprehensive Plan

Section Details Date Maps
Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Comprehensive Plan Complete Plan

Originally Adopted 1975

Major Revision 1988

Amended through 2013

caption:Map showing the different comp plan areas in Bernco & CABQ

caption:Centers and Corridors in the Comprehensive Plan

Section I: Introduction and Context Background

Land Use

Environmental Protection and Heritage Conservation

Community Resource Management

Section II: Goals and Policies Summary and Intent

Land Use

Environmental Protection and Heritage Conservation

Community Resource Management

Section III: Monitoring and Implementation Subsections A-F
Appendix Appendices

Tables and Figures

Rank 2 Area Plans

Rank 2 Area Plan Date Map
North Valley Area Plan 1993 caption:Area Plans Map
Sandia Foothills Area Plan 1983
Southwest Area Plan 1988
West Side Strategic Plan Adopted 1997

Last Amended 2011

Rank 2 Facility Plans

Rank 2 Facility Plan Date
Albuquerque Comprehensive On-street Bicycle Plan 2000
Bosque Action Plan 1993
Facility Plan for Arroyos 1986
Facility Plan: Electric System Transmission & Generation (2010 - 2020) 2012
Major Public Open Space Facility Plan 1999
Trails & Bikeways Facility Plan 1996

Rank 3 Plans

caption:Sector Plan Interactive Map

Rank 3 Plan Date
7 Bar Ranch Sector Development Plan Adopted 1985 Last Amended 2012
Amole Arroyo Corridor Plan 1991
Barelas Sector Development Plan 2008

Amended 2014

Bear Canyon Arroyo Corridor Plan 1991
Coors Corridor Plan
Adopted 1984

Last Amended 2003

Downtown Neighborhood Area Sector Development Plan
Downtown 2025 Sector Development Plan & MRA
Adopted 2000

Last Amended 2014

East Atrisco Sector Development Plan 1984
East Gateway Sector Development Plan Adopted 2011

Last Amended 2013

Heritage Hills East Sector Development Plan 1987
Huning Castle & Raynolds Addition Neighborhood Sector Development Plan 1981

Last Amended 2002

Huning Highland Sector Development Plan 1988
La Cuesta Sector Development Plan 1982
La Cueva Sector Development Plan Adopted 2000

Last Amended 2003

La Mesa Sector Development Plan 1976
Los Duranes Sector Development Plan 2012
Los Griegos Sector Development Plan 1987
Martineztown/Santa Barbara Sector Development Plan Adopted 1990

Last Amended 2002

McClellan Park Sector Development Plan and MRA 1984
Nob Hill Highland Sector Development Plan
Adopted 2007

Last Amended 2014

Nor Este Sector Development Plan 1987
North 4th Street Rank III Corridor Plan 2010
North I-25 Sector Development Plan 2010
Northwest Mesa Escarpment Plan
Old Town Sector Development Plan 1977
Paseo del Norte (County) Adopted 2001

Last Amended 2008

Quintessence Sector Development Plan 1993
Rio Bravo Sector Development Plan Adopted 1988

Last Amended 2009

Rio Grande Blvd Corridor Plan 1989
Riverview Sector Development Plan 1985
Sawmill/Wells Park Sector Development Plan
Adopted 1996

Last Amended 2000

South Broadway Neighborhood Sector Development Plan & MRA 1986
South Martineztown Sector Development Plan 1995
South Yale Sector Development Plan 2009
St Joseph Hospital/Civic Auditorium Area Sector Development Plan 1979
Tower/Unser Sector Development Plan Adopted 1989

Last Amended 2009

Trumbull Neighborhood Sector Development Plan Adopted 1981

Amended 2011

University of Albuquerque Sector Development Plan 1980
University Neighborhood Sector Development Plan 1986
Uptown Sector Development Plan Adopted 2009

Last Amended 2013

Vineyard Sector Development Plan 2000
Volcano Cliffs Sector Development Plan 2011
Volcano Heights Sector Development Plan 2013
Volcano Trails Sector Development Plan 2011
West Mesa Sector Development Plan 1976
West Route 66 Sector Development Plan Adopted 1987

Last Amended 2009

Westland Sector Development Plan (See Westland Master Plan)
Window G Sector Development Plan 1996

Design and Wall Overlay Zones

Overlay Zone Plan Date Map
Alameda Blvd Design Overlay Zone 1998 caption:Design and Wall Overlay Zones - Map for Comp Plan
Atrisco Vista Wall Overlay Zone 1984
Central Avenue Neon Sign Design Overlay Zone 2013
Unser Boulevard Overlay Zone 1992
Amole Arroyo Corridor Plan 1991
Los Griegos Sector Development Plan Adopted 1987

Amended 1992

Sunport Boulevard Design Overlay Zone 1992

Historic and Urban Conservation Overlay Zone

Overlay Zone Plan Date Map
East Downtown (Edo) Regulatory Plan 2005 caption:Historic Overlay Zones - Comp Plan
Eighth & Forrester Historic Zone Guidelines 1991
Fourth Ward Historic Zone Guidelines 2002
Huning Highland Historic Zone Guidelines 2010
Old Town Historic Zone Guidelines 1998
Silver Hill Historic Overlay Zone - Development Guidelines 2010

Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plans

caption:MRA Plans Map Image for Comp Plan

MRA Plan Date
Alvarado/Railroad Metropolitan Redevelopment Plan 1998
Barelas Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization 1994
Central/Highland-Upper Nob Hill Redevelopment Plan

Central/Highland-Upper Nob Hill Master Plan



Clayton Heights/Lomas del Cielo Metropolitan Redevelopment Plan 2010
Del Rey MRA (no plan, boundary only)
Downtown 2025 Sector Development Plan & MRA
Adopted 2000

Amended 2014

East Gateway In Progress
Historic Central Metropolitan Redevelopment Plan 2012
Los Candelarias Village Center and Metropolitan Redevelopment Plan 2001
Martineztown/Santa Barbara (no plan, boundary only)
McClellan Sector Development Plan and MRA 1984
Near Heights MRA Expansion Plan
Old Albuquerque High School Metropolitan Redevelopment Plan Part I

Old Albuquerque High School Metropolitan Redevelopment Plan Part II

Phoenix Ave Metropolitan Redevelopment Plan (plan missing)
Sawmill/Wells Park Metropolitan Redevelopment Plan 2005
Soldiers & Sailors Park Redevelopment Plan 1985
South Barelas Industrial Park Metropolitan Redevelopment Plan Adopted 1986

Last Amended 2002

South Broadway Neighborhood Sector Development Plan & MRA 1986
St Joseph Hospital/Civic Auditorium Area Sector Development Plan & MRA 1979
Sycamore Metropolitan Redevelopment Plan 1982
Tingley Beach Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan - R-305

Tingley Beach Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan - R-306

West Central Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan 2004

Master Plans

caption:Master Plan map - Summer 2014

Master Plan Date
12th & Menaul/Indian School Property
    Academy/Eubank/Tramway Sector Development Plan 1990
    Alameda Business Park 1999
    Albuquerque Indian School Area Development Regulations 2005
    Albuquerque West 2006
    Atrisco Business Park Master Development Plan Adopted 1992

    Amended 2013

    Balloon Fiesta Park Master Plan 2012
      Clifford West Business Park Master Plan
        El Rancho Atrisco Sector Development Plan
        • ?
        • 1985
        • 1981
        • 1986
        Fountain Hills 2007
        Gateway Industrial Park 2000
        High Desert Sector Development Plan Adopted 1993

        Last Amended 2001

        Journal Center Master Plan Adopted 2001

        Amended 2003

        Ladera Industrial Park 2003
        Lava Shadows Sector Development Plan 1984
        Los Lomitas Industrial Park 2005
        Luecking Park 2004
        Master Plan for Volcano Park 1984
        Mesa del Sol Level A Community Master Plan 2005
        Mesa del Sol Level B Master Plan Adopted 2008

        Amended 2012

          North Domingo Baca Park Master Development Plan
              North Gateway Industrial Park Master Plan
                NZ Commercial Center 1986
                Paradise Hills 1975
                Paseo del Norte & Golf Course Master Plan 1997
                Renaissance- A Master Plan for the New Southwest 1985
                Richfield Park 1986
                Sandia Science & Technology Park Adopted 2001

                Last Amended 2011

                Sunport Park: Airport Master Plan 2002
                  Volcano Business Park Phase II
                    Volcano Point 2007
                    Westland Master Plan
                    • Westland Sector Plan (now Western ABQ. Land Holdings Sector Plan) - see Westland Master Plan, Appendix A
                    Adopted 2000

                    Last Amended 2012

                    Ordinances and Required Standards

                    Code of Ordinances - Including Zoning Code and DPM
                    Comprehensive City Zoning Code
                    Development Process Manual (DPM)
                    Building Code - 2015 Uniform Administrative Code