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Councilor Harris Addresses Police Oversight Reforms

City Councilors Don Harris and Dan Lewis working together to address ways to improve Police Oversight Commission.

Council President Dan Lewis and Councilor Don Harris will hold a press conference Sunday, January 27, to announce the first step in revamping the Police Oversight Commission. Albuquerque City Council President Dan Lewis and Councilor Don Harris recognize that there have been clear problems with the Police Oversight Process. Discussions with the Administration, Councilors and an Independent Review Team have provided twenty-five recommendations to the Council regarding changes that need to be made to the Police Oversight Commission. Councilors Dan Lewis and Don Harris have introduced legislation to address these ongoing issues to help the Police Oversight Commissioners be successful in what they were appointed to do.

"We want to introduce legislation that would begin the process of revamping the Police Oversight Ordinance," said Councilor Harris. "This legislation takes some significant steps, although we want to be clear that this is just the beginning. This is just one step in a larger plan to address the structure and function of the Police Oversight Process."

"I fully expect the Police Oversight Ordinance to be thoroughly discussed and amended so that ultimately we can truly reform this process. I believe this legislation could aid in that reform and is therefore an important first step," added Councilor Lewis.

Councilor Lewis and Councilor Harris want to make it clear that the process to amend the Police Oversight Ordinance will be open to recommendations from all interested parties. Their desire is to continue the conversation at public forums and study sessions and work on implementing the input received to transform the Police Oversight Process.