District 7 Town Hall a Success!

On June 7, 2014 Councilor Gibson was joined by 60 residents at her first District 7 Town Hall meeting.

District 7 Updates

Councilor Gibson provided those in attendance with the following information:

  • What is happening in District 7
  • City Council priorities
  • Legislation sponsored by Councilor Gibson

She then followed with some question/answer time so people could get their individual questions or concerns addressed.

caption:D7 Town Hall June 2014

Guest Speakers from Different City Departments

Councilor Gibson invited some representatives from different city departments who's work directly impact your quality of life.

Albuquerque Police Department

Sharanne Press Crime Prevention Specialist for APD NE Area Command & Sandy Pino who is also a Crime Prevention Specialist for the SE Command:

  • Spoke about crime prevention tips to keep your neighborhoods safe
  • Non-forced entry burglaries are on the rise, especially during warm weather months
  • Remember to close and lock garage doors, windows and front/back doors.

Solid Waste Department

Jill Holbert from the Solid Waste Department:

  • Spoke about the importance of recycling & the different types of times that can be recycled
  • Explained the proposed rate increase fees which went into effect July 1st
  • Listed the following statistics which can also be found on the Solid Waste Departments’ website.
    • The Solid Waste Management Department services approximately 178,000 residential customers each week.
    • 21 routes and 21 trucks are used to collect recycling material in ABQ each week.
    • 23,052 tons have been collected so far in FY14.
    • On average 2,305 tons are collected each month.
    • All material collected from Solid Waste Management Department customers is delivered to Friedman Recycling located on Edith NE.
    • Through the public/private partnership with Friedman Recycling the Solid Waste Management Department continues to receive funds for the material that has been delivered to them.

Parks and Recreation Department

Gary Wolfe Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation:

  • The Parks Department maintains manages more than 298 park sites, 127 median and streetscape sites, and a total of 142 miles of developed urban and soft trails.
  • Encouraged neighborhoods to contact the Department directly with any concerns because the neighborhoods can be the first ones to let people know what issues are going on the parks.

City Forester

The last speaker was Joran Viers who is the City Forester:

  • Spoke about the different types of trees that are in our City parks.
  • Spoke about the need to water correctly when taking care of the trees in your yard.
    • Make sure you are watering away from the tree to ensure that you are getting to the root system.

Join us at our next meeting:

The District 7 town was a success! Thank you to everyone who was able to attend.  We look forward to having another meeting in the near future.

If you are interested in receiving notice about the next District 7 town hall please contact Chris Sylvan at 505-768-3136 or [email protected].

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