Funding Priorities

Councilor Garduño has worked to fund economic development, infrastructure, and recreation improvements for residents in District 6. These projects help improve park quality, economic development, and safety for all residents and visitors in District 6.

The following projects are just a few of the capital projects in District 6 from a variety of State Grants, GO Bond, and Set Aside Funds.

Environmental and Recreation

Parks provide places for enjoyment, physical exercise and activity, and aesthetic beauty for residents and visitors. Beautiful, well-maintained parks are vital to the quality of life for residents and visitors in any city. Councilor Garduño has helped fund improvements in parks throughout District 6.

  • Phil Chacon Park Soccer Field Lights, Shade Structure, and Improvements
  • Bullhead Park Netting and Play Area
  • Burton Park Improvements
  • Wilson Park Pool and Play Area

Economic and Cultural Development

Economic vitality and Cultural understanding are vital to any community. Encouraging small businesses, providing information and aid for economic independence, and helping individuals connect to employers is vital to communities and District 6.

  • Albuquerque Indian Center
  • Central/Highland Metro Redevelopment
  • International Marketplace

Infrastructure Maintenance

Infrastructure is the life-blood of any community. Good infrastructure helps keep people safe on the roads and improves the aesthetic of the community. Streets and sidewalks in good condition also aid in making driving, biking, and walking more pleasant for everyone.

  • Bulbouts on Central @ Solano, Wellesley, and Morningside
  • Nob Hill/Highland Street Improvements, Pedestrian Lighting, and Crosswalks
  • Moon Street and Central Storm Drainage
  • Coal, Stanford to Princeton Storm Drain
  • Lead and Coal Reconstruction
  • Pedestrian Improvements
  • Zuni and Yale Lighting

City Community Services

Community and Senior Centers provide localized gathering places for people to volunteer, learn, and meet people. People can take classes, exercise, socialize, or volunteer at community centers near their neighborhoods. District 6 Centers provide an important governmental service for all ages.

  • Highland Senior Center Renovation
  • Mesa Verde Community Center Improvements and Signage
  • Cesar Chavez Community Center
  • Future Full Service Library in District 6
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