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Promotion of Local Economic Development and Job Growth

City Councilor Dan Lewis announces his support for O-14-4, a partnership to assist Eclipse Aerospace in promoting local economic development and job growth

February, 19, 2014 - Albuquerque, NM

A Focus on Jobs

Albuquerque City Councilor Dan Lewis today has announced his strong support for O-14-4, which approves a project involving Eclipse Aerospace:

  • a new economic development project
  • to retain an important manufacturing company
  • Eclipse Aerospace would receive up to $635,222 in Local Economic Development Act (LEDA) funds from the State and the City
  • money will go toward facility costs at the Sunport

This will allow Eclipse to focus its resources on new jobs.

"Positive Local Economic Development"

“I am in full support of O-14-4. This piece of legislation will have huge, positive local economic development implications for the future,” said Councilor Dan Lewis. “We are partnering with a growing aerospace manufacturer that is a contributor to the local economy and we are committed to promoting that relationship. At the same time, Eclipse is committed to utilizing their resources, along with State and Local assistance, to help create new high-paying aerospace jobs.”


Dan Lewis, City Councilor, District 5, (505) 615-6507

See the official press release.

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