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Improvement of Services Provided by the Downtown Business Improvement District

Albuquerque City Councilor Dan Lewis will introduce legislation at the March 3rd City Council meeting that is intended to ensure that the Albuquerque Downtown Business Improvement District (BID) provides the services and benefits required by all residents and businesses downtown.

February 28, 2014 - ALBUQUERQUE, NM

Requirements in the Bill

The bill states that at the BID’s five-year review, which will happen in approximately October of 2015, the City Council will consider terminating the BID and reestablishing a new one that includes one or more of the following:

  • a new management committee selected through an open and competitive process;
  • an established list of improvements that is responsive to the current and future needs of the district;
  • more frequent reviews by the City Council;
  • and representation on the board of the district that provides increasing benefits and control based on property valuation.

Track the Bill

Read the bill and track it as it goes through the Council process: R-14-34

"A Vibrant and Healthy Downtown"

“Having a vibrant and healthy downtown is critical to the success of the City, and it’s often one of the only places that conventioneers and visitors see when they visit Albuquerque” said Councilor Lewis. “Hopefully this bill will encourage the Downtown Action Team, who manages the BID, to work with all its members to improve its services.  If that doesn’t happen, however, they know that the City Council has put them on notice that it is willing to step in and disband the BID and start fresh.  Downtown is too important to the City to let problems like this fester.”


Councilor Dan Lewis: 615-6507

See the official press release.

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