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Councilor Lewis Issues Statement on Recent Accusations Relating to the Open Meetings Act

Councilor Lewis issued a press release on May 14, 2015 to address the recent accusations regarding the meetings that individual members of the City Council had with representatives of the Department of Justice and the independent, court-appointed federal Monitor last Monday.

Councilor Lewis Addresses Recent Accusations Relating to the Open Meetings Act


"These meetings did not violate the Open Meetings Act, as explained in the attached statement by the Council’s legal advisor. The reason the meetings took place and the speculations surrounding the meetings were solely caused by the Department of Justice and their disdain for the Albuquerque City Council," said City Councilor Dan Lewis in a press release issued on May 14, 2015.


Councilor Lewis continues on to say, "the briefings on Monday were the closest interaction that the DOJ would allow between the Council and the Monitor.  In the future, my sincere hope is that the Department of Justice will stop treating the Monitor with kid gloves and instead insist that he make himself available to the Council during regular Council meetings, and not in briefings of the kind that took place last Monday."
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