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Goals & Objectives

Key Issues for District 2.

Goals & Objectives

Councilor Benton considers his District's key issues to be the following:

  • transportation
  • economic development
  • housing

He will work to improve the safety and quality of the area's streets for walking, biking, and the use of public transit. He does not support continuing to design Albuquerque only for a single mode of transportation, the automobile.

Besides improved educational opportunities, he believes the best hope for economic development in District 2 is the redevelopment and revitalization of older and rundown commercial areas. That will require public/private partnerships to overcome outdated zoning regulations and to regain public trust in the planning process. Mixed-use, site-specific, transit-oriented corridor zoning needs to be be integrated with existing sector plans via a legitimate public process with elected neighborhood representatives. Councilor Benton also believes that housing in such mixed use developments, as well as other infill sites, should be mixed-income, requiring public investment and perhaps regulatory changes to keep them affordable for all working people.