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Northwest Area Command March Newsletter

From Commander Dodi Camacho's Desk

Northwest Area Command


March 2015 Newsletter


Hello Neighbors,

Join me in welcoming the warmer weather and beautiful climate- New Mexico’s finest! With the warmer weather we welcome budding trees and flowers, sunshine, and those darn allergies! Hopefully, with a little luck from Mother Nature we won’t have to suffer too long.

This month the Northwest focused on some of the quality of life issues:

Specifically we targeted speeding and panhandling.

Speeding in the Community

As the Commander for the Northwest Area Command, I often receive complaints of speeding. In particular, Coors and Unser receive the highest number of complaints. This is expected since Coors and Unser are the most traveled thorough-fares in the NW for north/south traffic. It is no secret that speed is often a contributing factor to accidents and the level of injuries sustained.

Working on Speeding Solutions

In an effort to thwart speeding in the NW, field officers have been field briefing along these roads, and other thoroughfares, issuing citations. In addition, speed signs are being used to remind motorists of their speeds. In fact, one of our speed signs provides feedback about the traffic speeds in the area they are deployed. Please remind your neighborhoods to be cognizant of their speeds for the safety of themselves and others. Officers will continue to patrol and issue citations this month as well.

Panhandling in the Community

A second initiative during the month of February focused on the panhandlers in the Northwest Area Command. The tact plan was used to identify those who were homeless and/or in need of services, as opposed to someone who was just trying to make money. The Northwest worked with the Crisis Outreach and Support Team (COAST) on February 26th and handed out information to those they contacted. The Northwest Officers will continue to identify panhandlers and assist those in need.

What is COAST?

COAST is a civilian team that works out of the Family Advocacy Center, within the Albuquerque Police Department. COAST acts as a liaison for people who are in crisis and in need of resources, services, and/or education. If you or someone you know is in crisis and could benefit from COAST services, their information is provided within this newsletter.

Criminal Activity

As we move head on into spring please remember that criminal activity generally increases and this calls for all of us to become more aware of our surroundings. Be aware of how you leave your property when it is unattended. Consider whether or not it could it be enticing to criminals:

  • Did you roll up your windows in your vehicle?
  • Did you lock your car?
  • What about the doors/ windows to your home, are they closed and locked?
  • Did you leave any valuable items, or the appearance of valuable items, in your vehicle?
  • Did you notice a man/ woman walking in your neighborhood that seems out of place?


Please become aware of your surroundings. Report suspicious activity and remind others to do the same! If we don’t invite the criminals to our neighborhoods then they won’t be as likely to come by or stick around. Let’s work together and…. if you see something, say something!!! Have a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day.


- Northwest Area Commander Dodi Camacho