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Groundbreaking on Ladera Dr. Improvements

City Councilor Ken Sanchez has been working with the community members along Ladera. Senator Jacob Candelaria, Representative Antonio Maestas, Mayor Richard Berry and the Albuquerque City Council for this great project. It will provide continuous on-street bicycle lanes from Ouray Road to Coors Boulevard to improve the connectivity of the adjacent system. The bicycle lanes will be constructed by narrowing the existing median and narrowing the inside driving lanes from 12ft. to 10ft, which in turn will help in speed reduction on the street. At the request and a community petition of nearly 400 signatures, a traffic signal will be installed at the intersection of Ladera Drive and Sequoia Road. Additionally, the section of Ladera that turns into St. Josephs will change from one to two driving lanes in both directions. Storm drainage improvements and landscaping infrastructure will also be part of the project.  Funding for Phase One of this project came from G.O. Bonds, State Capital funding and District One Set-Aside.

A personal thank you goes out Allan Ludi of Ladera Heights Neighborhood Association, Shariesse McCannon of Ladera West Neighborhood Association, Audrey Jahn, SR Marmon, Candy Patterson of Laurelwood, Dennis Custy Ladera Vista HOA, Jerry Worrall of the Westside Coalition and all of the members of these associations the neighborhood for all of their participation in this project.