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City Councilors Aim to Name the Stage on Civic Plaza in Honor of Al Hurricane Sr.

R-17-173 would name Civic Plaza stage after legendary musician

City Councilor Ken Sanchez, with Councilors Klarissa Peña and Isaac Benton will introduce a resolution at this evening’s City Council meeting naming the existing stage and buildings at Civic Plaza as the "Al Hurricane Sr. Pavilion at Civic Plaza" in honor Of Al Hurricane Sr.

Al Hurricane Sr. is known as the Godfather of New Mexico Music and the Councilors would like to honor him for his dedication and commitment to our great City and State, and for his remarkable six decade music career.

“Al Hurricane’s music is the sound of our culture and community in Albuquerque and the State of New Mexico,” said Councilor Ken Sanchez, “Al Hurricane Sr. is most deserving to receive this honor.”

The resolution, R-17-173, will be introduced at tonight’s City Council Meeting and be heard for final action at the April 3rd City Council Meeting.