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Sponsored Legislation

Sponsored Legislation for District 2.

Legislation Sponsored

Councilor Benton has a proven record of working with others to get important legislation adopted. He has researched, developed, and carried many pieces of legislation, and he has also worked in partnership with nearly every other member of the Council to see resolutions and ordinances through the legislative process.

Planning and Zoning

Form-Based Zones


Councilor Benton led a two-year effort to have new “mixed-use/transit-oriented” zones added to the City’s Zoning Code. The process included a citywide Town Hall meeting, 9 community meetings (one in each Council district), 4 hearings before the Environmental Planning Commission, one hearing at the Council’s Land Use, Planning and Zoning Committee, and one hearing before the full Council. Numerous hours spent working with different stakeholder groups to improve and revise legislation.

Front-Yard Parking Bill

O-07-61 (Benton, Mayer)

This Ordinance limits the percentage of a residential front yard that can be paved and used for parking

Gas Station Regulations

O-11-66 (Benton, Jones)

This Ordinance created new regulations on the development of gas stations in the C-1 zone to reduce the negative impacts, including traffic congestion, on residential neighborhoods that are adjacent to a gas station.  It contains site layout and access requirements. It also makes stations with more than 8 fueling stations a conditional, rather than permissive, use for C-1 zoned properties, which requires neighborhood notification and a public hearing for approval.

Electronic Sign Regulations


This Ordinance created new regulations for electronic commercial signs, including restrictions on brightness, motion, and location. Previously, there were no regulations in the zoning code to keep such signs from becoming a nuisance.

Barelas Sector Development Plan


This Resolution repealed an earlier sector plan for the Barelas Community from 1993, and replaced it with an updated one. The new sector plan was designed to increase safety and promote economic development while maintaining the culture, and preserving the historical significance and sense of community in the Barelas area.

South Yale Sector Development Plan


The South Yale Sector Plan was designed to develop retail and commercial businesses, promote safety and ease of access in the present neighborhoods, and reflect the culture of New Mexico in the South Yale area of Albuquerque.


Investment into Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy


This Ordinance allocated 3% of the general capital improvement program fund to be used specifically in investing in energy conservation and renewable energy.

2006 International Energy Conservation Code

O-07-73 (Benton, Cadigan)

Adoption of Uniform Administrative Code and Technical Code for Construction Projects

O-07-105 (Benton, Cadigan, Heinrich)

These Ordinances established green building and design standards to promote healthier living and greater environmental responsibility. These standards were designed with a high degree of cost effectiveness and implement part of the International Energy Conservation Code into Albuquerque’s building codes.

Tree removal moratorium


This Resolution prohibits removal of trees from city properties without consulting the City Forester.

Open Space Land Acquisition

R-07-260 (Benton, Heinrich)

This Resolution provided $500,000 for the purchase of 420 acres of land adjacent to open space land in Gutierrez Canyon to expand the open space area.

Public Safety

Ban Hand-Held Cellular Phone Use While Driving

O-06-57 (Benton, Sanchez)

This Ordinance established a ban on using a non-hands free cellular device while driving; this was done in response to the rising number of traffic accidents caused by using cellular devices while driving.

Engine Revving as Violation


This Ordinance was created to abate the excessive noise intentionally created by drivers of automobiles and motorcycles, as the excessive noise constituted a public nuisance.

Economic Development

Acquisition and Development of the Historic Rail Yards

R-07-202, R-07-274, and R-07-332

These resolutions appropriated funding for the purchase of the Historic BNSF Locomotive Shops in Barelas (Rail Yards).

Designation of Appropriate Uses of the Rail Yards Property


This Resolution designated appropriate uses of the rail yards property that the city had acquired to ensure that the historic significance of the rail yards was maintained and that the residents of the Barelas and South Broadway neighborhoods had a voice in the redevelopment of the rail yards.

Designation of El Vado Motel as City of Albuquerque Landmark

O-06-1 and O-07-1

These Ordinances called upon the City to officially recognize the El Vado Motel as an Albuquerque Landmark for its historical significance in the motel’s architecture and association with automobile tourism on U.S. Highway 66.  The City purchased the property for preservation.

Approving the Historic Central Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan


The Historical Central Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan is a holistic approach to rehabilitate, preserve historic structures, and improve the economic viability of the Historic Central Corridor, including redevelopment of the El Vado Motel and Casa Grande sites

Affordable Housing Trust Fund


This Ordinance created a trust fund for purchasing land and issuing home loans for affordable workforce housing projects and also established City policy with respect to affordable housing opportunities, incentives, planning, funding, and development.

Transportation and Infrastructure

Pre-2010 District 3 Storm Drainage Prioritization


This Resolution called attention to the deficiencies within Albuquerque’s storm drainage infrastructure after flooding in 2006. It paved the way for subsequent appropriations for storm drainage infrastructure improvements and resulted in storm drainage retention ponds being built in Barelas (Tingley Park with brand new park constructed as well) and Santa Barbara Marinteztown (Lomas & Broadway pond) to prevent future devastating floods.

Transportation Infrastructure Improvements Tax

O-09-75 (Benton, Sanchez)

This Ordinance raised funds to be allocated for road rehabilitation, road maintenance, and public transit systems.

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