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District 2 Projects and Planning Efforts

Current/Ongoing Projects

Completed Projects

  • 8th Street Corridor Streetscape Plan
  • African American Chamber of Commerce Building Improvements
  • Alvarado Transportation Center Security System Upgrade
  • Barelas 2nd St. 2-way Conversion
  • Barelas 3rd St. 2-way Conversion
  • Barelas 8th St. Improvements - Coal to Bridge
  • Barelas Community Center Playground Equipment
  • Barelas Pedestrian Bridge
  • Barelas Sector Development Plan
  • Barelas Senior Center Community Garden (purchase property)
  • Barelas Sidewalk Infill
  • BMX Park Sound Mitigation & Landscaping
  • Central Avenue Underpass Lighting and Improvements
  • Clayton Heights/Lomas del Cielo Metropolitan Redevelopment Plan
  • Coronado Skate Park
  • Dennis Chavez Community Center and Park Improvements
  • Downtown/2nd St. Lighting Improvements
  • Downtown Wayfinding Kiosks
  • East Downtown Speed Signs, Banners, and Sidewalk Improvements
  • EDo / Huning Highland Parking and Pedestrian Improvements
  • Girard & Haines Pedestrian Crossing
  • Guadalupe Park Playground Equipment and Amenities
  • Historic Central Metropolitan Redevelopment Plan
  • Huning Castle Neighborhood Sign
  • Huning Highland Sidewalk Infill & Replacement
  • Kirtland Park Stage
  • Kirtland Shade Structure
  • Laguana Traffic Circle
  • Lead & Coal Pedestrian Improvements - I-25 to Broadway
  • Lomas/Loma Vista Pedestrian Crossing
  • Martineztown Mountain Road Speed Signs
  • MLK Renovation / Streetscape
  • North Campus and Summit Park Neighborhood Transportation Plan
  • Rail Yards Redevelopment - Urban Land Institute
  • Reynolds Addition / Barelas Stop Sign Reconfiguration
  • Santa Barbara Martineztown Sidewalk Infill
  • Silver Hill Gold Avenue Streetscaping
  • South Broadway Library Directional Signs and Banner
  • South Broadway Sidewalk Infill
  • South San Jose Sidewalk Infill
  • South Yale Sector Development Plan
  • Spruce Park Neighborhood Sign
  • Spruce Park Street Trees
  • Stronghurst/Claremont Retention Pond Landscaping
  • University/Silver Bike Boulevard Crossing
  • Washington Park Playground Equipment and Amenities
  • West Central "Complete Street" Test Project
  • West Park Neighborhood Sign
  • Yale & Ross Pedestrian Crossing


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