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Funding Priorities

See where your tax dollars are improving Albuquerque's District 2.

Set-Aside for Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)

The following were paid for with discretionary money from the old District 3, current District 2 Council Neighborhood Set-Aside fund ($1,000,000 every bond cycle):


  • BMX Park sound mitigation & landscaping (to be constructed 2013)
  • Yale Streetscape improvements (in design)
  • Girard Boulevard Master Plan (in progress)
  • South Yale Complete Street Plan (in progress)
  • Central Avenue Complete Street Plan - 1st to Girard (in progress)
  • Spruce Park street trees
  • Barelas Pedestrian Bridge and Tingley Drive improvements
  • Lomas/Loma Vista pedestrian crossing
  • Kirtland Park Stage
  • Yale & Ross pedestrian crossing
  • Kirtland Shade structure (supplemental funding)
  • Girard & Haines pedestrian crossing
  • Silver Hill Gold Ave. streetscaping (supplemental funding)
  • Spruce Park Neighborhood identification sign
  • South San Jose sidewalk infill
  • MLK renovation / streetscape


  • Central Avenue Complete Street Plan - 1st to Girard (in progress)
  • Laguna Traffic Circle (final design construction 2013)
  • Alvarado Transportation Center Security System upgrade (in progress)
  • Lead & Coal pedestrian improvements - I-25 to Broadway
  • Barelas Senior Center Community Garden (purchase property)
  • Santa Barbara Martineztown sidewalk infill
  • Santa Barbara Park renovations (design, supplemental)
  • Barelas Community Center Playground Equipment
  • Barelas sidewalk infill (supplemental funding)
  • Central Avenue underpass lighting and other improvements
  • East Downtown radar speed signs, banners, and sidewalk work
  • African American Chamber of Commerce building improvements
  • Huning Highland sidewalk infill & replacement (supplemental funding)
  • South Broadway Sidewalk Infill (supplemental funding)
  • South Broadway library directional signs and banner
  • Coronado Skate Park (supplemental funding)
  • Reynolds Addition / Barelas Silver area stop sign reconfiguration
  • South San Jose sidewalk infill
  • MLK renovation / streetscape
  • EDo / Huning Highland parking and pedestrian improvements
  • Barelas 3rd St. 2-way conversion
  • Barelas 2nd St. 2-way conversion
  • Barelas 8th St. improvements - Coal to Bridge (construction in 2013)
  • Martineztown Mountain Road speed signs
  • Downtown wayfinding kiosks
  • Downtown/2nd St. lighting improvements
  • Dennis Chavez Community Center and Park improvements
  • Guadalupe Park playground equipment and amenities
  • West Central "Complete Street" test project
  • Washington Park playground equipment and amenities
  • Huning Castle neighborhood sign


  • Atrisco SW interim pedestrian improvements
  • Crestview Bluff sidewalk infill
  • Alamosa Park circuit training course
  • Los Altos neighborhood street sign replacement
  • Tapia Meadows neighborhood sign
  • Crestview Bluff open space protection barriers on White Reserve and Gonzales
  • “No Dumping” signage and fencing along Corregidor
  • Pat Hurley neighborhood identification sign (with Councilor Sanchez)
  • Speed humps on Glendale
  • Speed humps on Regina Circle
  • Tom Cooper Park renovation
  • Hartline Road (School on Wheels) sidewalk work
  • West Park neighborhood identification sign
  • Atrisco speed study and speed signs
  • Sunset & Osage intersection improvements (with supplemental funding by Bernalillo County)
  • Alamosa neighborhood sign
  • Tapia Meadows Park improvements and amenities

G.O. Bonds/CIP

2013 Highlights

  • $150,000 for Santa Barbara Martineztown pedestrian safety improvements
  • $2 million for Westside Parks
  • $400,000 for Highland Park Renovation
  • $45,000 for Santa Barbara Martineztown Park Master Plan
  • $250,000 for Martineztown Park / Camino Real Historic Trail Phase 3
  • $500,000 for Westgate Community Center
  • $750,000 increase for Affordable Housing
  • $800,000 increase for Animal Welfare

2011 Highlights

  • District 3 Storm Drainage, Broadway Pump Station Reconstruction
  • Tingley / Barelas pedestrian and connectivity improvements
  • Redevelopment Projects: Rail Yards, West Central, El Vado / Casa Grande
  • District 3 Complete Streets: West Central (8th to 47th), Lead & Coal (I-25 to Broadway)

2009 Highlights

  • District 3 Storm Drainage
  • District 3 Complete Streets: West Central, 8th Street (Coal to Bridge), MLK Jr.
  • Implementation of Sector Plans and Neighborhood Plans: Barelas, South Yale, Summit Park/North Campus
  • Redevelopment Projects: Rail Yards, West Central

2007 Highlights

  • $4 million for District 3 storm drains (including reconstruction of Tingley Park)
  • $250,000 for 8th Street redesign (Coal to Bridge)
  • $600,000 for Atrisco SW Corridor Improvements
  • $300,000 for Thomas Bell Gymnasium
  • $850,000 for Fire Station 2 expansion and renovation

State Funds

2013 Requests

  • $350,000 for Rail Yards - building stabilization and environmental clean-up
  • $100,000 for pedestrian/bicycle connection between Old Town and the BioPark

2012 Requests

  • $100,000 for 8th Street project (Coal to Bridge)
  • $1 million for West Central (8th to Coors)

2009 Requests

  • $1,000,000 for Rail Yards – environmental clean-up and pre-development work
  • $750,000 for West Central (8th St. to 47th St.) – planning, design, construction
  • $500,000 for 8th Street (Coal to Bridge SW) – traffic calming and streestcaping

2007-2008 Requests

  • $1,000,000 from Governor Richardson for Rail Yards acquisition
  • $100,000 for Rail Yards pre-development (Rep. Chasey/Sen. Ortiz y Pino/Sen. Taylor)
  • $500,000 from Rep. Miera and Governor Richardson for Martineztown Drainage/Flood Control
  • $145,000 for Barelas/Martineztown Pump Stations/Drainage (Rep. Miera/Sen. Ortiz y Pino)
  • $200,000 for South Broadway Sidewalks (Rep. Chasey)
  • $100,000 for Clayton Heights MRA (Rep. Chasey)
  • $200,000 for Barelas/La Media Sidewalks (Rep. Garcia)
  • $44,000 for 8th Street Landscaping and Traffic Calming (Sen. Taylor/Rep. Miguel Garcia)
  • $50,000 for Central Avenue from 8th to 47th (Rep. Moe Maestas/Rep. Rick Miera)
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