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State Implementation Plans (SIP)

Information about State Implementation Plans, or SIPs.

What is a State Implementation Plan?

A State Implementation Plan (SIP) is our "contract with the EPA." Albuquerque and Bernalillo County are bound to observe the regulations in the SIP as part of the Clean Air Act.

Not all regulations passed in Albuquerque/Bernalillo County are implemented as part of our SIP but all local regulations and ordinances must be followed.

The Master SIP

There are 23 federally enforceable air quality rules for Albuquerque and Bernalillo County.

Standalone SIPs

These are the "standalone" SIPs that govern Albuquerque and Bernalillo County.

  1. Carbon Monoxide Limited Maintenance Plan
  2. Regional Haze Plan
  3. Interstate Transport Plan
  4. Ozone and PM2.5 Infrastructure SIP
  5. Lead Infrastructure SIP
  6. NO2 Infrastructure SIP