www.cabq.gov Named "Top Pick" Municipal Website

MuniNetGuide.com, a leading national website covering municipal-related content on the Internet, identified The City of Albuquerque's website as one of the best municipal websites in the country.

The website named www.cabq.gov a Top Pick for 2005, in addition to 6 other cities nationally . MuniNet has awarded government websites over the past eight years, and calls the Top Picks their "annual selection of web sites that rise above the crowd."

MuniNet says in their acknowledgement:

"The City of Albuquerque, among the first local governments with an online presence, celebrated its web site's 10th anniversary on December 16. The site – like the Internet – has come a long way over the past decade. The ability to pay water bills, a restaurant inspection database, and real-time airline flight information are just a few of the popular features that have been added to the site since it was launched in 1994....The site provides detailed information for bondholders and investors (kudos!), starting with CAFRs dating back to 1998 and including underlying bond ratings, cusip numbers for outstanding bonds, and interactive revenue data, which allows users to tailor the City's revenue figures and charts to their own research needs." (read it online here)

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