Albuquerque Website Awarded for eGovernment, Streaming Video

Published March 09, 2004

The City of Albuquerque received website awards for best eGovernment services, investor information and streaming video by, a leading national website covering municipal-related content on the Internet. Albuquerque was among MuniNet's "Top Picks for the Outstanding Websites of 2003"; MuniNet has been awarding government websites for the past seven years."Whereas in the past, we've recognized sites for having it all - content and style - this year, we found several sites that were really awe-inspiring," said Mardee Alvaro, who has been editor of MuniNet Guide since its inception in 1996. "The comprehensiveness of content, a focus on citizens as valued customers, and the overall sophistication of municipal and related websites have all risen to new levels, over the past year," she said. "And those sites that stand out among their peers offer something beyond the ordinary."

Top Pick: Albuquerque Investor Information
The City of Albuquerque provides comprehensive information about the City's annual finances, its sources of revenue, investment performance, municipal bonds and tax trends. "When we see a city use its website to provide continuing disclosure, monthly financial updates, financial trend analyses, or information relating to outstanding bond performance - now that's worth noting," says Alvaro.

Top Pick: Albuquerque eGovernment Services
New eServices this year include: online water bill payment, current news and events calendar, search lost and found pets, and restaurant inspections on-line. Other popular electronic services include: apply for jobs on-line, check out library books, real-time airline flight information, and interactive GIS maps.

Top Pick: Albuquerque Streaming Video
In 2003, Albuquerque began streaming video of government television programming 24 hours/day on the City's government channel, GOV TV Channel 16. This remarkable achievement has made Albuquerque the only local television facility in Albuquerque to provide full-time live streaming video. Additionally, since the channel is only available to cable subscribers, this service has allowed more citizens to tune in to government programming for free via a home, work or public computer-- thereby facilitating citizen education, and interaction with local government. is an online guide and directory to websites for state, county and local governments and other municipal-related matters, including municipal investment and research, municipal bonds, regional economies, urban development and local public policy. MuniNet provides a searchable online database of municipal and related websites with more than 8,500 listings of websites that pertain to state and local governments, agencies and related organizations.