Albuquerque Website Receives Honorable Mention

Published: March 12, 2002

In its fifth year of recognizing outstanding web sites, MuniNet Guide & Review has selected the cream of the crop in the area of state and local government, municipal finance and urban affairs.

And Albuquerque is among a select few big cities to gain recognition for its web site at

MuniNet gave "Top Picks" distinction to Austin, Texas; New York, New York; San Diego, California; Seattle, Washington; Virginia Beach, Virginia. In addition to Albuquerque, big cities receiving honorable mention are Chicago, Indianapolis, Houston, Minneapolis, and San Jose.

"Today's generation of municipal web sites is characterized by more and better content, increased opportunities to transact business or otherwise interact, and overall classier style and appearance," said Mardee Alvaro, editor of MuniNet Guide & Review since its 1997 inception.

In order to qualify for Top Pick status, county or local government web sites needed to include at least seven of the eight specific elements that MuniNet now considers standard:

1. Annual Financial Report (CAFR);
2. Budget information;
3. Opportunities for two-way communication between citizens and government;
4. Council agendas/minutes;
5. Municipal code/zoning ordinances;
6. Community profile;
7. Economic development information; and
8. Current news and/or commentary from chief executive officer.

In addition to the hard-copy newsletter and annual Site Directory, MuniNet Guide & Review provides a searchable online database of municipal and related web sites with more than 7,000 listings of web sites that pertain to state and local governments, agencies and related organizations. MuniNet specializes in identifying noteworthy web sites, acclaimed online features, and trends in the Internet and its application to the public sector.