Community Scavenger Hunt with Map of Enchantment

Get your own copy of the Map of Enchantment then join us for a scavenger hunt!


Apr 01, 2023
11:00 AM - 01:00 PM


Get your own copy of the Map of Enchantment then join us for a scavenger hunt! Using the free, hand-drawn map as a guide, scour historic Albuquerque neighborhoods for incredible public art installations. Use your own artistic judgement to color in the map's local and beloved buildings, landmarks, and nature.

Community Scavenger Hunt | April 1, 2023 | 11 a.m to 1 p.m.

Explore locations directly on the Map of Enchantment! Get your own copy of the Map of Enchantment and join us for a scavenger hunt! Find us Downtown for prizes, goodies, and fun! There will be 7 locations downtown where punch cards can be picked up. All locations must be found to be eligible for prizes.


  • 1st Street & Tijeras Avenue NW | On the Mountaintop by Noe Barnett
  • 3rd Street & Tijeras Avenue NW | Sidewalk Society by Glenna Goodarcre
  • Civic Plaza, Southeast side by the splash pad | We Create by Jodie Herrera
  • 8th Street & Lomas Boulevard NW | Kolowisi by Andrew Snows
  • 6th Street & Copper Avenue NW | Pop Up Murals by Various Artists
  • 5th Street & Central Avenue SW, in front of KiMo Theatre | Her Strength by Jodie Herrera
  • 1st Street & Silver Avenue SW | A Stop on the Rio Grande by John Davis

Next Location Clue

Attention families attention friends,

The City’s Scavenger hunt is back again!

7 different departments have made a game for you

So listen up close as we explain what to do

On April 1st you’ll be headed Downtown

7 locations are where goodies can be found

Find the Albuquerque tent to receive your punch card

Then search for the other 6 locations, it shouldn’t be that hard

Once your card is complete and your searching is through

The final location will have a prize just for you!

So play the game solo or gather your friends,

At 11 a.m. let the searching begin!




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