Strategic Planning & Community Engagement

Information about strategic planning and community engagement.

What We’ve Learned

Since June 2020, VIP leaders met with individual stakeholders including community-based service providers, non-profit directors, public systems leaders and community members and:

  • The Health Equity Council (formerly the Bernalillo County Community Health Council) conducted a survey on gun violence and its impacts and made recommendations regarding the work of the Violence Intervention Program and gun violence reduction in Albuquerque.
  • Assessed community readiness from diverse representatives of southeast neighborhoods;
  • Convened a new network "VIP All-In" comprised of 25 community-based organizations;
  • Worked with VIP All-In network and identified new partners and stakeholders to support the VIP social services coordinator with custom notification and provision of critical services for VIP participants;
  • Met throughout the year with community advocates self-organized from the Black community;
  • Launched a 30-day Kingian Nonviolence campaign; and
  • Collaborated with community organizations to write a letter of support for a congressional earmark to provide seed funding for hospital-based violence intervention and first Trauma Recovery Center.

We learned gun violence means “preventable death,” “intentional misuse,” “fear” and “unsafe communities” to a number of survey respondents. In the International District, trusted leaders and gun violence preventions programs exist. However, not all community members connect with those leaders and programs. Being responsive is a helpful way to build trust and connection. Some of the primary obstacles to efforts addressing gun violence in the International District are lack of resources; communication and collaboration.

Quotes from community members include:

"Don't treat neighborhoods within the SE and the SW as one geographic area. Each neighborhood has its own challenges and strengths."

"Cultivate and sustain an ecosystem that develops justice. Work should be deeply rooted in and informed by people from the neighborhood."

"Community must be able to hold the program accountable - part of that is to partner in development."

Strategic Planning

Strategic Plan Survey

VIP team members are currently planning for the next 18 months. With community members, VIP team members are co-developing vision and mission statements and priorities that serve as the program’s “north star” to guide the cross-departmental team and stakeholders as VIP moves to scale.

The City of Albuquerque Violence Intervention Program, VIP, invites community members to share their feedback as VIP creates its strategic plan for the next two years. Please review the existing one-page strategic plan DRAFT and program model.

Please share your input on our strategic plan by taking this survey:

Survey will close Thursday, Sept. 30 at 5 p.m. MST.

In October the VIP will begin listening sessions for a deeper dive into the priorities that emerge from the Survey.
We will post high-level results of the VIP Strategic Plan Survey on this page, in October 2021.

VIP Planning Life Cycle

A png of the VIP Planning Life Cycle.