UETF Artist Resiliency Residency Spotlight

Watch videos created about UETF Resiliency Residency artists and projects.

Gerome Olona | Practicing Food and Theatre

Gerome is a member of the Albuquerque Theatre Arts Community and is currently working on combining good food and gardening practices with theatre performance, incorporating both into a hands-on immersive production. He has partnered with many Albuquerque non-profits in theatre and food security in research and performance.

Kristine Maltrud | Walking on Eggshells/WoE

Kristine Maltrud is a Theatre and Dance Maker working in Performance Art to create pieces that range in topics from climate change, political instability, to social shifts. Her work being funded by the UETF Resiliency Residency Program explores all of these and incorporates mask work into the piece.

Paulette Atencio | Telling Stories and Keeping Memories

Paulette Atencio is a storyteller and author who has worked her whole life to keep oral traditions of storytelling alive. She tells her stories in public spaces to audience members of all ages. Paulette recently published a novel: "Pieces of My Broken Life" and plans to write more novels in the future, as well as continue to tell her stories to all who will listen.

Jen DePaolo | Experiments in Clay

Jen DePaolo is both an independent ceramic artist and Director of Outreach at Harwood Art Center. An integral member of the Albuquerque art community, she is using her UETF Residency to return to a cerebral and experimental exploration of clay. 

Learn more about Harwood Art Center.

Julianna Kirwin | The Art of Making Prints and Building Community

Julianna Kirwin is a master printmaker whose iconic studio on Mountain has been visited by countless artists and lovers-of-art. For her project, Julianna took on the challenge of creating large self-portraits (so large she had to travel to Denver to get them printed with Big Ink). These prints will be available to view in January at Chatter ABQ!

Learn more about Chatter ABQ.
Learn more about Julianna Kirwin.

Adrian Pijoan | Chasing the Supernatural and Falling in Love

Adrian Pijoan is a multimedia artist working in film and digital arts to create narrative structures around the hunt for the supernatural. His alter-ego character Dr. Howard hosts a talk show Alien Hour in which he researches the paranormal and discusses supernatural phenomena.

Adrian presented an exhibition, Eyeshine, at the Harwood Art Center in Albuquerque, NM in September 2022.

Learn more about Alien Hour.

Nikki Louis | What Was Past is Also Present

Nikki Louis is a historian and theatre artist who writes plays centered around the Japanese-American experience. Nikki pulls from historical stories as well as her own lived experience to craft stories about internment camps, the American Dream, and how our histories link to the present.

Learn more about the New Mexico Japanese-American Citizens League.

Carlos Contreras | Loving the Hustle and The Artist Factory

Carlos Contreras is a poet and painter who came into art as a way to provide for himself and his daughter. Through the years, he has uplifted and supported countless Albuquerque artists in presenting and promoting their work. His current project, Art on the Rio, gives space and money to artists at The Artist Factory to practice and create freely without the worry of making work just for the sake of selling it - they practice their imagination and creativity.

Find out more about Art on the Rio.

Jamie Rose | The Figure and Being a Conscious Artist

Jamie Rose is a visual artist working in charcoal and glass. She exhibited her series "Chimera" at Silver Bar Studios in Belen, a suite of charcoal drawings of different female figures with gold ink decorating their bodies. She alternates between charcoal drawings and glass work, and likens them to different relationships that she falls in and out of.

Rocki Jian | Spanish Broom and the Informal Flamenco

Rocki Jian is a contemporary flamenco artist who produces and performs around Albuquerque. She is a founding member of Spanish Broom Flamenco, which is a traveling flamenco company that performs in public and produces accessible Flamenco films.

Learn more about Spanish Broom. 


Keely Mackey | Celloquacious and the Beauty of Nature

Keely Mackey discusses her artistic ventures in music and photography and invites us all to be inspired and moved by the natural world around us. She is a City of Albuquerque Urban Enhancement Trust Fund Resiliency Residency grant recipient.

Keely is presenting a new work with collaborator and fellow Resiliency Residency artist Elizabeth Garland of Garland Studios. When the Veil Things is a celebration of Dia de los Muertos and Celtic Samhain and will premier November 2022 at the South Broadway Cultural Center in Albuquerque.