Kids in Motion

Information about Kids in Motion, an ABQ RIDE program to promote mass transit use among Albuquerque students.

This hands-on educational program, started in 2003, is geared at teaching young people about different forms of transportation and its effects on our environment.

This learning experience can be held in your classroom at your convenience. Albuquerque's young people hold the key to our community's future. They are the commuters of tomorrow, and it is ABQ RIDE's goal to teach them how to be responsible citizens by choosing alternative forms of transportation beyond single-occupant vehicle use.

Kids in Motion Specifics

Nick Manole, Marketing Specialist, is available to take this program to any Albuquerque elementary or middle school. Maximum class size for the program is 30 students. The presentation takes between 1 to 3 hours, depending on whether the presentation is done on-site at the school, or if the teacher requests a field trip as part of the presentation.

We request the cooperation and assistance of the teacher throughout the session, including preliminary arrangements, assistance with activities, and support when needed.

Program Cost

Kids in Motion is free and we suggest scheduling as early as possible as it is a first-come first-served program.

Kids in Motion Request Form

Please include the following information:

Field Trip Request to Transit Facility?