Proposed Service Suspensions Due to Staffing Shortages

Suspensiones de servicio propuestas debido a la escasez de personal
Đề xuất tạm dừng dịch vụ do thiếu nhân sự

Why Suspend Some Service?

ABQ RIDE is experiencing severe staffing shortages with vacancies among approximately one out of every three driver positions.  Despite a recent increase in driver pay and hiring bonuses, the staffing shortage has not yet improved.  Most days, ABQ RIDE lacks enough drivers to cover all scheduled service, even with drivers working over-time hours and supervisors filling in as much as possible. 

In all, ABQ RIDE is missing about 7% of its scheduled service, but exactly which routes are not running scheduled service varies from day to day depending on driver availability.  The result is unreliable service with riders left unsure whether the bus trips they rely on will actually show up. 

The proposed service suspensions below are intended to achieve more reliable service for riders so that, even if service is not as convenient as riders (and ABQ RIDE) would like, at least the service shows up as scheduled.

ABQ RIDE has developed the list of proposed service suspensions based on ridership data with the goal of maintaining as much of a distribution of useful service as possible.  The proposal attempts to spread the reductions equitably in terms of where low-income and minority populations live in the city.  The result is some service reductions for higher-ridership routes in order to preserve service in areas that serve vulnerable populations.

As required by the Federal Transit Administration, an equity analysis will be conducted on the proposal after the public comment period has closed. We anticipate the service equity analysis to be completed by the end of January at which point it will be routed through City Council for approval.

Descriptions of Proposed Suspensions by Route

In the attached document you will find general descriptions of the changes proposed for each route. More detail, including actual proposed schedules, will be provided in early January.  Each listing also includes a note about how much of pre-pandemic service the route is currently operating, since many routes are already running reduced service.

View proposed changes here. 

What’s Next:  Public Comments

ABQ RIDE has to suspend a significant amount of service, but we want to know if suspensions should be shifted between routes.  Please let us know what you think!

Provide comments on this proposal by Sunday 1/22/2023:

[email protected]


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