ABQ RIDE Driver Given One Albuquerque Award by Mayor Keller

For ABQ RIDE driver Gloria Witherspoon, her job doesn’t just mean going through the motions. It’s an understanding that the mission of public transit is accessibility; making sure that anyone who lives in Albuquerque can be part of Albuquerque, whether they own a car or not.

Mayor Tim Keller cited this as a major factor in giving Gloria the One Albuquerque Award on Thursday, March 7, 2019. Gloria and members of her family joined the Mayor, along with ABQ RIDE Director Bernie Toon.

Gloria was nominated for the award by a frequent rider on the Route #31-Wyoming bus, Richard Gagnon. He said every day, he saw Gloria’s kindness, caring, and gentle soul. He also saw her dedication to her job and her willingness to go the extra mile to help her passengers get where they were going.

In presenting the award, Mayor Keller said “the One Albuquerque vision is about building a safe, inclusive city for everyone. Gloria lives that spirit every day and that’s why I’m proud to be able to say thank you to her, and thank Richard, here today.”

The One Albuquerque Award is given to members of the community to celebrate their extraordinary efforts in making Albuquerque a safer and more inclusive place to live. The award aims to highlight the positive impact individuals can have on communities and call on others to think about ways they can help their neighbors and the city as a whole.

Gloria has been with ABQ RIDE since October, 2010. She’s well known among fellow bus drivers for her cooking and baking skills, the results of which she often shares with the other drivers.  

There’s another fun fact about Gloria: her husband’s name is Reese, as in Reese Witherspoon!

Anyone is welcome to nominate a member of the community for a One Albuquerque Award. Nominations can be submitted at

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From left: ABQ RIDE Director Bernie Toon, Gloria's brother Eric Trujillo, Gloria's daughter Amanda Tavarez, Gloria Witherspoon and Mayor Tim Keller.