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Apartment Recycling

Information about recycling in apartment complexes.

List: Recycling Materials

In 2007, the City of Albuquerque extended recycling services to citizens living in multi-family dwellings (MFD). MFD residents produce a sizeable amount of solid waste and are now able to divert much of their trash with the convenience of an MFD Recycling Program that goes beyond drop-off locations.

The goals of the MFD Recycling Program include: increasing the convenience of recycling that previously only residents of single-family homes enjoyed; by diverting recyclables from the waste stream, properties could reduce their garbage service resulting in a lower monthly trash bill; and reducing the amount of waste going to the landfill.

This program requires apartment complexes of 25 units or more to provide recycling services to their tenants. Less than 25 unit complexes have the option of participating in the MFD program; however, it is strictly voluntary. There are currently over 250 complexes in Albuquerque with 25 units or more.  Each multi-family dwelling pays the current residential recycling rate of $2.33 per unit for recycling collection service.

Complexes are provided with 96-gallon recycle carts and are serviced once a week. The number of carts provided is based on the number of units and volume of recyclables collected.

MFD Recycling Toolkit

The City of Albuquerque has created an MFD Recycling Toolkit for property managers and owners to assist them in properly educating their tenants. To request at tool kit call Keep Albuquerque Beautiful at (505) 761-8334.