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Elementary School Asks Director for Recycling Tour

Children learn about recycling and share their efforts to Keep Albuquerque Beautiful.

A fourth grade class from the Annunciation Catholic School wrote the Solid Waste Department’s Director, John Soladay, a letter to ask if their class could take a tour of the Friedman recycling facility. The letter explained what their class is currently doing to recycle and raise awareness about the importance of recycling. On their own initiative, the class developed PowerPoint presentations and talked about the benefits of recycling to kindergarten through eighth grade classes. In addition to presenting about the benefits of recycling, the class collects the recycling in other classrooms and places it in their school recycling bin.

The students were able to tour Friedman and it was a success! During the tour, the students watched in awe as the recycling tonnage was being sorted on the conveyor belt. Their excitement continued as the trucks were weighed before dropping off recycling loads. The students loved seeing the compactor and learning about how recycling is organized. They ended the tour with an opportunity to ask questions about the recycling process. The students asked about what can be recycled and how they can work to improve recycling efforts at their school.  

Students, like those in the Annunciation Catholic School’s fourth grade class, are truly making a difference in their community and working to Keep Albuquerque Beautiful.

View the letter from  Annunciation Catholic School to Solid Waste Director John Soladay.