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Message From The Chief

A Message From The Chief

Welcome to the Albuquerque Police Department website.  The men and women of the Albuquerque Police Department are honored to have the opportunity to serve the citizens of Albuquerque and host this interactive website.  Having had a history of serving the Albuquerque Community for over 125 years we strive for excellence in meeting the needs of our residents and visitors alike by creating a safe and friendly community.  The Albuquerque Police Department is made up of a unique and diverse workforce consisting of over 1560 employees.

With an authorized sworn strength of 1100 officers, the Albuquerque Police Department responds to over 44,000 calls for service on a monthly basis. A call for service is a request, generally made by the public, that requires the presence of a police department employee to help resolve, correct or assist in a particular situation. Calls for service include, but are not limited to, violent crimes, property crimes, domestic disputes and traffic accidents. To view a report concerning the actual number of calls for service we have handled since January 2010 please visit this link.

We are proud of the way in which we interact with the community in our continuing collaborative problem solving efforts.  In a concerted effort to be transparent with the community, we strive for excellence in providing all of the requirements necessary from a full service modern police department.  We listen to our community and we respond.  One of the resources used by the administration of the Police Department is our Public Safety Partnership Committee.

The Public Safety Partnership is a community resource that the police department relies on to assist us in understanding the needs and expectations of the community.  The partnership assists in the identification of community needs, issues and concerns and then in the solutions associated in the remediation of these problem areas.  This unique partnership ensures that we remain in concert with the public in achieving our primary goal of providing a community where our citizens are safe from crime.

Please explore the many facets of the APD website and please feel free to contact either my office or any of the members of my executive team with your comments, concerns and/or suggestions.  By working together we can ensure not only a safe community, but also a responsive and proficient police department both today and in the future.