Information about the inspection process and how to schedule an inspection.

Virtual Inspection Strategy Program

The purpose of the Virtual Inspection Strategy Program (VISP) is to provide an alternative to on-site, residential occupied inspections during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order. Learn more about the VISP here.

Residential Inspections

This division's administrative staff schedule Field Inspections for inspectors to address construction status and issues. The Chief Building Inspector directs and dispatches State & ICC-certified inspectors to appropriate job sites to ensure code compliance.

  • Residential Inspections include:
  • Compliance at each Construction Stage
  • Permit Application Review
  • Blueprint Storage
  • Building Codes & Standards Questions
  • Certificate of Occupancy Issuance
  • Microfiche Services
  • Construction Industry Division (CID)
    • Addresses complaints
    • Condemns commercial buildings not in line with codes & standards

For more information, contact the Building Inspection section at (505) 924-3320.

Commercial Inspections

The Building Safety Division of the Planning Department handles most of the building permit process for commercial projects.

Learn about the steps necessary for the construction of a typical apartment, commercial, or public building.

Electrical, Elevator, Plumbing & Mechanical Inspections

Schedule inspections, get permits and assistance regarding our Building Section's policies and permitting procedures.
mechanical inspections Inspections include everything from the devices that heat your water, to the boilers that provide a controlled climate we enjoy in our homes or in any public facility, to the elevator/escalators we use when we shop or visit any multi-story structure.

For More Information

This section's administrative staff schedules inspections, issues permits and provides assistance to the public regarding policies and permitting procedures.

For more information, contact the Mechanical Inspection section at (505) 924-3320.